The Closest Thing You Have To A “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card

When loved ones get arrested, it is never a fun situation; the whole legal process can be both emotionally draining and embarrassing. However, when it comes to getting your loved one out of jail via meeting bail demands, bail bonds (often known as “surety bonds”) have been proven to be a much more streamlined process than release on own recognizance, which is usually done by a cash payment to the court.

When it comes to meeting bail, an accused individual can have another pay the set bail amount via cash or through a bond service to be released from jail; upon release, the accused individual is made aware that though they are currently free to go, they have a legal obligation to make an appearance on their assigned court date. Failing to do so can result in further penalties to the offending party.

You may be wondering “What is the difference between getting someone out of jail until their court date with my own money and using a bail bond service?”

As our own 911 Bail bonds explains it, there are two recognized methods of releasing someone from incarceration: release on own recognizance (paying cash upfront) or through a bond (in which the service puts up a check on your behalf until the proceedings are over). However, the big concern about bailing someone out is making sure accused individuals attend their set court dates. Although a missed court date for a speeding ticket may not seem as bad as a missed court date for a misdemeanor, they carry the same consequences. Other than not having to shell out the full bail amount out of your own pocket, services like 911 Bail bonds also have a vested interest in keeping your loved one out of further trouble by making sure they attend their day in court.

Although seldom and less dramatized than “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, bail bond services will send out bond agents to retrieve the accused individual to make an appearance in court. An article from claims that “the rearrest and recapture of these defendants is the sole priority of bail agents”, by which the bondsman representing the bail bond service will devote all their efforts to making sure an accused individual makes an appearance in court as opposed to police officers, whom have other responsibilities and priorities.

Though the company will put up the bond for the accused individual’s bail, this does not suggest that the individual should take on a relaxed attitude towards making his or her court date. A missed court date will not put you in jail for life, but it can have very serious consequences. Not to worry, though—legal counsel can be provided by the company in order to get a new court date to avoid further legal repercussions.

911 Bail Bonds is ready to serve your bail needs in the Las Vegas, NV area and several other locations. The process can be frustrating, so let the experienced staff at 911 Bail Bonds take care of your problem. Don’t let a missed court date for a seat belt ticket get you in trouble; call the 911 Bail Bonds hotline 24/7 at (702) 489-3000 to get your bail needs taken care of.