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How Do I Find Someone Who Is Incarcerated in Las Vegas?

If you think a loved one may have been arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC), the Las Vegas Detention Center, the North Las Vegas Detention Center, or the Henderson Detention Center, the best way to search is by phone. You can also search for an inmate with the detention center’s online inmate locator, but keep in mind that these databases may not be up to date.

Search for an Inmate by Phone

For the most current information about an inmate or potential inmate, please call the CCDC’s information line at (702) 671-3900. If you believe your loved one was arrested for a misdemeanor offense within Las Vegas city limits, you can call the Las Vegas Detention Center at (702) 229-6444 and select option 3.

Other detention centers you can call include the North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center at (702) 633-1400 and the Henderson Detention Center at (702) 267-4652.

No matter what detention center you call, a warden or another staff member at the detention center will help you. You can search using the person’s name – or their inmate ID or case number if you know it.

Search for an Inmate with an Online Inmate Locator

You can also search for an inmate using an inmate locator at the detention center. Keep in mind that inmates under the age of 18 will not be displayed, nor will any inmates under protective custody. You also won’t be able to find an inmate that was arrested as a John Doe or a Jane Doe, so you should contact the information line (see above) if you wish to identify an inmate.

Additionally, the information available online may not be current. Sometimes, there is a delay between an arrest and an online database update, so if you want the most current information, you should search for inmates by phone (see the previous section for instructions).

If you’d prefer to start online, each detention center has its own online database:

  • The CCDC inmate locator is available here (opens a new window).
  • You can search for inmates at the Las Vegas Detention Center at the top of this page (opens a new window).
  • For inmates at the North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center, use the City of North Las Vegas Inmate Search (opens a new window).
  • If you think your loved one was arrested in Henderson, try the Henderson Detention Center Inmate Information Search Page (opens a new window).

When you search, follow the instructions on the page. Usually, you will enter 2 or more letters of the inmate’s last name, the inmate’s ID, or their Justice Court Case Number, then click the “submit” button to initiate the search.

Do not type the inmate’s full name, as the system may not return an exact match. Simply use a few letters to narrow down the search results.

What To Do Once You’ve Found Your Loved One

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