120 Las Vegas Workers Arrested At Cosmopolitan

Friday November 1st was quite a day in Sin City. A hundred and twenty locals were arrested. Let’s translate. A hundred and twenty locals are looking at the possibility of stiff bail.

Naturally we, at 911 Bail Bonds LV were interested. Interested, and concerned. Bail is our business. It’s a tough business. And, as staff who live in this community with family and friends, we don’t like seeing anyone in trouble, which is why we took note of what happened here on November 1.

Here’s the deal.

Two thousand members of the 60,000 who belong to the Culinary Union that reps maids, barkeeps, and food servers, for the second time this year “disrupted” biz as usual around the $4.6 billion Cosmopolitan resort.

The issue? Contracts. Unlike many other resorts, the 2,000 bros and sisters who work at this splendiferous hotel have been working with no contract for two years.

In protest, 3,000 union members picketed, blocking traffic on The Strip, waving signs and chanting their cause: “We don’t get no contracts, we don’t get no peace.”

After a countdown to 5:40 p.m. over 100 union members marched into the resort and conducted a sit-in under the magnifi Cosmo chandelier, voices on high decibel; and it wasn’t because they “hit” lucky sevens! They were white hot furious and they aimed to show it, regardless of the consequences.

The sit-in by members who hid their red shirts under sweats and hoodies, knew it would just be a matter of time before their arrest.

In a town that makes its living and rep from high traffic, big gaming and top-notch service, any interruption of biz as usual brings huge consequences in high bails and bonds.

The cops were ready for them. Within minutes, the protesters were warned via megaphone that they were law-breakers, then an officer reading from a prepared script, “commanded” them to disperse” within 10 minutes. They still sat, chanting vociferously “Cosmopolitan, look around, Vegas is a union town!” This is the second such arrest campaign since March 20, when 98 protesters blocked Las Vegas Boulevard, and Metro officers wrapped their wrists in zip ties and loaded them onto a police bus.

The charges? Civil disobedience and trespassing.

We love our town. We also understand that Las Vegas is unique. This is a town that earns its living on entertainment, and that means service. Staffing our magnificent hotels and resorts is a complicated business involving thousands of locals to provide guests with the very best. Sixty thousand maids, bartenders and service belong to The union, which keeps Vegas and tourists ticking in our playground of the West.

Whether you agree or disagree with the politics, these are locals: friends and neighbors. We’re here to see that justice is served. Do these protesters belong in jail? Are these protesters criminals? Criminals who for want of bail will cost the taxpayers, the County and their families a fortune for incarceration? Of course not.

We, at 911 Bail Bonds are on the job 24/7 to make sure your loved ones are NOT in jail, and can prepare a proper defense. We’re here to help.

It’s our mission to give you a fair shake, with dignity, cost-effectiveness, and cooperation! At 911 Bail Bonds LV, we’re here for YOU. Not only will we make sure you’re not in jail, we will explain the situation, your options, and insure you get the finest, most honest service.

If you or a loved one was involved in the protest, give us a call. If you were arrested in this political fracas, and a Bail Bond is needed, call us now! Please use our contact us page or Call us at 702-489-3000.

Remember … we’re on your side. And we will help you negotiate your way in a justice system that can be complex, with agendas. Our mission is to serve those arrested, whether visitors  in Las Vegas, or locals, we’re here to serve you.

In this town, you need someone experienced on your side!

Your freedom is at stake, and we take that very seriously.

By all means give us a call at 702-489-3000 24/7.

Call 911 Bail Bonds LV and GET OUT OF JAIL NOW.