What Happens If You Don’t Pay Bail Bonds? Get Out of Jail Fast, Anytime! 

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Bail Bonds?

When you are charged with a criminal offence that leads to jail, a certain amount of money is required to be paid to the court if you want to stay out and free until your court date. This amount is known as the bail bond. 

Bail bonds are signed as an assurance to the court that the offender will appear promptly at the time of trial. A Las Vegas bail bond is the amount of money that you or a bail bondsman (on your behalf) needs to pay to the Nevada Court to get a defendant released. 

In most cases, your friends or relatives are the ones who bail you out. 

This is commonly done through a bail bondsman (agent/agency) who pays the complete bail amount on your behalf to the court. Various personal assets like property, car, other assets, etc are used as collaterals to pay off a bail bond. 

At this point, it becomes important to understand that jumping a bail or not paying the amount can come with serious consequences. 

Let us learn more about it. 

How long will you stay in jail if bail is not paid?

Well, jail periods can vary from a few days to indefinite, depending on how long your trial runs and when your case is finally resolved. 

If you do not pay a bail bond, you are required to be in the jail or a detention center until you can find a way to make the payment or till your case is finally resolved (whichever is earlier). 

It is important to note here that you do not necessarily need enough cash at hand to bail a loved one. Collaterals can be provided in the form of property, valuable assets, car title, etc to a bail bondsman agency who will then act on your behalf to secure a bail. 

After the case is completed and marked as resolved in the court books, you are liable to get your collateral back.

What happens if you jump a bail?

Skipping bail is a term that refers to the arrestee’s failure to reach the court on the day of the trial. This can happen due to a number of reasons like:

  • The offender deliberately running away from the appearance
  • Not being present in the city/state

Whatever be the reasons, jumping bail has serious consequences like getting an arrest warrant, having a driving license suspended, being sued for additional charges, etc.

Another consequence could be the Court increasing the amount of bail that you need to pay. 

What happens if you don’t pay back to a bail bond agency? 

When you work through a bail bondsman, you are required to sign a contract that you are legally obligated to follow. 

The contractual agreement is not just a legal arrangement with the bailbondsman but also with the Court. 

So what happens if you fail to pay the bail bond? 

A failure to comply simply means that you need to pay the full bail cost, not just the amount paid to the bail bondsman. 

Most contracts have a clause that states that a bail bond agency in Las Vegas can turn you over to the authorities, if such an instance occurs. 

A bail bondsman can then hire a bounty hunter and also request the court to issue a bench warrant in your name. 

Additionally, there are also instances when a friend or family member applied for a bail on your behalf. Under these circumstances, they too are held liable to fulfill the terms of the contract. 

They are responsible for your appearance in the court and payment of the bail bond. A failure to do so means that they may be held liable until the court awaits your appearance. They will be asked to pay the bail bondsman the complete amount of your bail which may run to several thousand dollars. 

Payment Delinquency

In the event that bail is revoked, the bail bond agency has to pay the entire cost of the bail to the Court. 

However, having done so, they are then legally permitted to sue you and your family members to collect the payment amount. 

Suing over delinquent payments is done when you fail to make an appearance or pay for the bail bond. A default on several consecutive payments may force the bail bonds agency to take this step. 

Final words

Bail bond agencies are your best friends if you are going through this tough phase. That said, payments are required to be made once you’ve made a financial contract with them. Understand your legal responsibility and make sure you fulfill it. 

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